A Little About D. Van Baalen

The artist is also an Oil Painting teacher who gives OIL PAINTING LESSONS at the artists studio located at 303 S Station St., Port Aransas, Texas. (Port Aransas is a small SOUTH TEXAS, town on Mustang Island. This is the barrier island just north of Padre Island and the National Seashore.) exness

Artists Statement:

My OIL PAINTINGS are all ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS. I do not copy other peoples work and I do not duplicate works I have already done. I photograph my own reference material to be used in my OIL PAINTING. I collect seashells that can be used later in the studio. Time is spent walking the beaches, jetties and board walks observing water and birds, sun rises and sun sets how to open an investment with exness social trading

All of my OIL PAINTINGS are begun on mid-toned canvas. I use Liquin throughout the entire OIL PAINTING process; to give them flexibility and prevent cracks and pealing at a later date. I take a lot of photo when fortunate enough to travel about and some of these are reflected in my ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS.

My OIL PAINTINGS are designed with shadows. The various lights are added later to give the painting a more life like appearance forex broker exness.
PLEIN AIR PAINTING ( ORIGINAL PAINTINGS which are painted on location) keeps reminding the artist of how things (color, form, shadows, etc.) really are in nature, such as the way branches grow in various trees. You also see colors in objects which you may have forgotten were there. I try to get my students to paint looking for and painting shapes. I also encourage them to carve shapes with negative shapes rather than redrawing the same lines over and over again.

The pleasures I receive from painting are great. It is my hope that these images of my ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS will brighten the viewers day. I believe my ability to paint and the inspiration for my OIL PAINTINGS are a gift from God to be shared by others. For this reason, most of my proceeds from art sales go to the Medina Children's Home and the Church of Christ India Fund.